Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guanoman - Pectophus Rex

Hear The Track Here

There was a time, a few years ago, just after MP3.com closed that Soundclick's musical integrity shot up several notches. A great many of those people went on to make a very big noise on Soundclick and the wider Internet and are now considered 'names' in their own right. Some of them went elsewhere and/or disappeared entirely. Two of the weirdest/wildest of the period where Refrag and Guanoman, both of whom have made a welcome reappearance on Soundclick, but be warned - these artists all carry a severe mental health warning. Not for them, they are already as crazy as a box of frogs, the mental health is something the listener should be worrying about...

...as well as the dangers of tinnitus...

Now when someone with the experimental stature of Guanoman comments that this track is 'my new pop direction', better start running for the hills. Or maybe you like the sound of musical torture, in which case sit down because you'll need to. Guanoman has never, ever been an easy or quick listen. Many people who click accidentally on the links provided may very well think that the musician is joking or as mad as a muffin, and that would be a common mistake. As would judging this track by - say - the first minute or so. If the names Meshuggah, Zorn, Slayer and Sun Ra(?) are familiar to you this will not be hard to assimilate. For those people who think I am talking in code the track will sound like the Assembled Blacksmiths Of The Jovian Clouds, all going at it as if their lives depended on it.

The track changes pace entirely around the two minute mark and its here that you start to question what exactly is going on here. The main reason I personally hold Guanoman in such regard is that he is, like fellow lunatic Pilesar, an accomplished musician despite all appearances to the contrary and Pectophus Rex (Ed: If that's a swear word Gilmore...) is a classic example of what he does best. Delight, befuddle, bedazzle, shock, inspire, cause to run away screaming in mortal dread. You pays your money and takes your choices. Me, I'll stick with Guanoman thank you very much because this is one of his absolute best.

Highly Recommended Avant Rock.

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