Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pilesar - Melatonin

Hear The Track Here

There's a reason Maryland based Pilesar is as popular as he is, and the proof of that is in the string of videos that can be found on his main Soundclick page. Pilesar, just in case you didn't know, performs strange (and probably illegal) practices with various instruments. So, most musicians you know would be content with working with the usual stuff; guitars, drums, peeaners and such. Not Pilesar, way too normal. Pilesar is the kind of musician who WOULD throw in the kitchen sink - provided it made the right kind of tuneful noise. See, that's the thing about this guy, the way he makes music may look weird and the music he makes sounds even weirder but there's no disputing the fact that it is different and, hey it usually works too. Not always the case when you are dealing with the experimental genre.

It has to be said that the further shores of the land called Pilesar is particularly difficult, and that is where a track like Melatonin lives. At first I imagined that must be some synchronicity happening because the intro of this bears similarities to the latest Guanoman track but it soon spins off from that into the usual uncharted territory. Funny thing though, after living with the track for a while it put me in mind of live gigs circa 1969-1970, especially early Syd Barrett Pink Floyd. Touches of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, at least to my ears but probably intentional.

Like a lot of Pilesar material Melatonin must be lived with to really get to the nut of it, and the process is - as always - interesting, unusual and original. At first glance, this musicians tracks sound dissonant, disjointed but the more you listen, the more you get out of it. This track is a prime example of that, I started off thinking it would be a struggle to assimilate this but it slid down easily and now I play it because it definitely creates a nice feeling; the latter couple of minutes especially.

Class experimental from the man who can. Highly Recommended.

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