Wednesday, August 26, 2009

James Crosbie Hancox - Home and Dry

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It's an indication of how HUGE Soundclick's artist roster is when you encounter people who have been on Soundclick for years and yet you've just met them. Here am I thinking that James is a new name but once I do a little digging find that he's been on the site since 2005. I first started reviewing on Soundclick's forums in early 2003, and have encountered this time and again, maybe because it does seem to take people a long time to discover the joys (or otherwise) of Soundclick's forums. I know it's a piss poor excuse for missing an artist but even I struggle to hear as much as I hear, there is just too much music out there.

Not that I'm complaining, mind.

James Hancox has been writing songs and performing music for around 20 years, and is a native of England's most famous musical city; Liverpool. Given those two facts, I went into the review process expecting much and I wasn't altogether disappointed at the end of it but did feel that certain elements could have been made more of. As many of you know, I love a good song and good songwriters are thin on the ground, especially those with a pop rock slant. Plenty of whingers, whiners and woe-is-me types mind. Fekkin drowning in those guys (and they ARE usually guys). James then brings a welcome refreshing burst of feel good pop all about home being the place to be. Couldn't agree more.

The only criticism I have, and it isn't really a criticism at all, merely an observation. As clean and polished as this track was, as I listened I still felt something missing. Certainly it isn't in the performance or the songs arrangement; both are top rate. The production felt, to my ears anyway, restrained, as if it were trying not to let the track get away. Not tentative exactly but a feeling that the sound is somehow underpowered. I know this sounds ridiculous if you were listening to it, all you would say is that it sounded great - as indeed it does. But that sound lacks any real power, and that's a shame because it would IMHO have been the final touch. Nonetheless, this is very, very classy track indeed and while I want to state my opinion it shouldn't detract from this being an excellent song, beautifully put together and exactly what the pop rock world needs....

Highly Recommended quality pop rock

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