Friday, August 21, 2009

Solid Sounds - Say You Love Me

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I know that MCSolid, like a lot of other people, has been trying to get on this list for ages and yay, here we go! I could have sworn I have reviewed this artist before and lo and behold, I have - three times. The Rescue (May 2008) introduced me to them (I think there is more than one person under this name) and considering it was a trance track, it got off very lightly. As you know, not my style at all. Exorcism Of Sound (November 2008) was an even slicker, beefier slab of trance and I liked it even more. Ye Gods, am I going soft in my old age? What Dreams Are Made Of (December 2008) showed that trance may be their thing but it's a trance that is a cut above the usual four-to-the-floor. In fact I ended the review by saying 'If it carries on like this, Solidsounds may just change my mind about trance'.

Fightin' words if I ever did hear them.

Say You Love Me is, apparently, just a song about love, according to the song comments anyway. Although it's billed as Instrumental R&B there is actually a song going on there too, but I guess the R&B tag sits well enough. If you like the softer side of commercial R&B then I'd say it was an even bet that you would like this track. It's a bit of a stretch mind to go from the three trance tracks they threw at me last year to the slick, clean approach of this track. There is no doubting that they have the feel and tenor of the style, as even I was forced to admit. This from someone who absolutely detests most forms of lovey-dovey hiphop.

So, it does show another side to this band and, on the whole, it works. However, because the members of Solidsounds are from the UK, there is a definite regional feel to the main vocal which kinda/sorta reminds me of another Northern resident, Stain. I personally don't find that a bad thing but I guess someone who spends a lot of time saying 'What'd he say?' would have trouble with it. It's on the feel of the track where it scores for me anyway, but a look at a lyric or two would definitely have helped. Moreover, this is a listen only experience unless you are willing to fork out hard currency, so is it worth a listen at least? Absolutely, just for the feel of the track alone; nailed that sucker.

Excellent R&B/hiphop flavoured track. Highly Recommended.

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