Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cam's Even Song - Living Sacrifices

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I had been having a gruelling few days before this slipped onto the review schedule and applied some healing balm. A neat trick as it happens but certainly not unknown to Cam's Even Song, a Canadian musician of long standing whose style is often appealling, whimsical or a mixture of both. The weird thing about this track (and its aforementioned healing balm) is that it's one of Cam's more overtly Christian song and - stylistically - rustic. There again, this is 'Grade 11 memory work (set) to music. This is the fourth of 24 verses'. Funnily enough, I think I remember reviewing an earlier part of this cycle but I can't be bothered to look for it.

See, healing balm does more than heal ;)

Mind you, t'would be fair to say that I had to work at getting that balm all the way in there because Living Sacrifices is probably the most outright retro track I have heard from him. I used the word rustic before and I hope you can get the sense of it. There's a home spun feel to the track that is undeniable, except when you consider that you can hear everything as clear as a pin - not the usual feature of home recording. Cam has spent a great many years perfecting his music and I've been around for a great many of them now, much to my delight, because he is also an intelligent, cogent songwriter with the endless ability to amuse and stimulate.

Having said that (Ed: uh oh), I think even Cam would have to agree that - as good as Living Sacrifices is - it will probably be a fans only thing, and maybe because of that Christian content. That would be a shame of course, but not everyone shares these views. In which case I can still point to endless Cam's Even Song tracks that show what this can do, in a totally secular manner. On a personal level, I have no problem with Christian lyrics or sentiment, so long as the context is right. I loved the way Cam has mixed a kinda cut-up reggae section to the main body of the song, really comes out of left field - and the reason I think it initially threw me.

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