Saturday, August 08, 2009

Charlie A - Sunny Blues

Hear The Track Here

Yet another early bird and regular to this review list is fellow Londoner Charlie Armour, a familiar name to most of my readers that's for sure. Of course, you could have just joined Soundclick or never (God forbid) read my Rebelriffs blog and therefore woefully ignorant of the musical doings of various unsigned (but not unappreciated) musicians. There again, maybe you just don't give a ****. Despite his leanings towards the evils of soundtrackery, Charlie and I have bumped along quite nicely, thanks to his particular knack for making a piece of music first and foremost. Even if it does end up as some kind of soundtrack. Charlie has a knack with the melody, you see, and that allied with a nose for the right sound and/or instrument puts Charlie right up there with the best of them.

Sunny Blues sees the first (of many) appearances this month of one Chas Holman (aka 333maxwell) and is the first time these two have worked together. Now I personally love it when 333maxwell goes off on a jazz tip (as the many Must Haves I've given testify) and Sunny Blues shows his imprint everywhichway. I'm pretty certain the piano lines are coming from Charlie and almost equally certain that the sublime (nay orgasmic) saxophone is courtesy of 333maxwell. The intro belies the Jazz rating but believe me this is a lovely piece of jazz in its truest form - brought bang up to date incidentally.

Sunny Blues is also, to its eternal and blessed credit, a fully fledged, got a grip on your heart song that keeps getting better every single time you hear it. Not sure which of the two gentlemen are supplying the understated, but very effective, vocals but whoever it is needs to take a bow for a really splendid job. Moreover, the intelligence of the arrangement and the sheer effectiveness of the musicians blind you to the fact that this is a) jazz and b) nearly five minutes long. You'll just be hearing a perfect bloody song, raving about it in much the same manner I am. Dazzled? I should coco.

MUST HAVE song (albeit Jazz)

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