Sunday, June 08, 2008

Big Wheel - Too High

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Although I have done my usual share of Big Wheel tracks over the last year or so, there has been a noticeable difference. Many of the Round One's track I have reviewed this year I have reviewed under his Big Wheel Remixes personna and - given that they are all remixes - they are pretty decent tracks one and all. Having been bitten by the remix bug myself a great many years ago, I do understand the fascination but - when push comes to shove - there is nothing like original material. The last pure Big Wheel track I reviewed was Get The Funk (February 2008) and showed that the man can get down with the best of them.

Wait! Wait, a very far cry from the electronica tag he usually wears eh?

Welp, fear not, because Too High brings him right back to where he started in 'chillage, danceage, noddage and grooveage' which is Big Wheel speak for DnB laced treats. I've always liked this side of the Wheel in general and his DnB in particular, being one of my own favourite genres. I've often used DnB backlines in my own music, and on Too High Big Wheel brings a smoothness (nay wholeness) to the track that is just blissful - simply because it couldn't possibly have sounded any other way,

'Curtis Mayfield meets George Benson' Big Wheel says in the song comments and I see why he made that particular connection; Benson for the liquid flowing guitar and Mayfield for the arrangement and accompaniment. Takes a brave man though to take on such massive stars and in other hands it would have probably ended in tears before bedtime. In the case of Too High, I'd say that it was an apt tribute to two of the finest musicians America has produced. Sure, you will need to have a strong stomach for sultry, high steppin' funk and smooth vocals but hey, that DnB backline may do the trick just as well. Whatever it is, Too High is a great blend, if a little smooth for my own tastes.

Highly Recommended blend of funk and DnB.

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