Monday, June 23, 2008

Crave - Can't Wait

Hear The Track Here

Crave is a new name to me and by the looks of it, new to MP3 Unsigned too. Crave are brothers Craig and David (geddit), both vocalists who have apparently played in bands for the past 14 years. There are only three tracks on the band's page; a rehearsal track, a work in progress and this track. Rock is the genre and it's a genre that has many illustrious 'brother' acts and my own favourite section of the genre is the rock based, harmony vocals that I'd assumed this was an example of.

Assumptions, who'd 'ave 'em eh?

Because of those assumptions Can't Wait struck me as much more rocky than expected, and give the mix you would be hard pressed to tell that there was a second vocalist. Come on. though, we all have our limitations to work with right? Indeed we do but out here in this world the bar is really, reallly high. Of course it doesn't matter whatsoever if this is a hobby, but why then put music up for all to hear? Can't Wait is actually a decent track, if a bit flat of mix and linear in construction. All a bit samey, if you know what I mean.

A lot of the music you hear these days has a throwback to earlier times. During the dog days of the 1970's pub rock surfaced and has been an influence ever since. Workmanlike, capable bands churned out a great many tracks that sounded like Can't Wait and they did find an audience, albeit small. As will, I suspect, Crave. Their brand of rock has all the right ingredients, and MP3 Unsigned is beginning to gather a passel of decent rock (as in the old school) bands. I have to admit that Can't Wait didn't strike me that much as a song, but as a decent rock work out yes, very tasty.

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