Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dark-i - Near U

Hear The Track Here

Question: why is that bandname so familiar? A: haven't got a fnerking clue, but its ringing bells with me. Either that or it's the thought of the genre Dark-i works in. So, let's take a wild stab at this. Daire Gleeson (aka Dark-i) is from the beautiful Galway, Ireland and its obvious that he's been around Soundclick for a good while. First time I've been asked for a review then, I suppose, so I'd better get to it. Carrying, of course, the usual proviso I employ when reviewing music of this sort; this is a personal opinion and just because I don't particularly care for the genre, I know what I like.

Feeble excuse, I know. I'm famed for it.

One of the things about techno that really grates my gears is that it's usually long-winded. Great if you are on the dance floor working up a sweat (or in my case a fatal heart attack) but not that interesting to listen to when you are in a more passive mode. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the sequences and the little tricks that techno musicians bring to the party but mostly I just want to mix it up rather than the static approach many techno artists work to. Having said that, two things make Dark-i stand out from the usual crowd.

The first is that everything you hear is the mans own hard work. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, you might think and you'd be dead wrong. Working with any of the programs associated with the genre - outside of the instant music packages that specialise in murdering it - requires a very steep learning curve and an understanding of how sound operates. Taken on that basis, Near U is absolutely worth a listen, nay even a download. It isn't a genre I have ever claimed to like to much but I can tell when it's done properly and Near U is bang on. Never thought I'd say this but....

Excellent techno. Highly Recommended if you like the genre.

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