Thursday, June 26, 2008

AJG aka Flyboi - Paper Route

Hear The Track Here

First time round for me with California based rapper Angelo Garcia (aka aka etc) who I discovered is sixteen, Paper Route being the first track of his new album and - coincidentally - the only track on his Soundclick page. Unlike a lot of rappers, AJG prints his whole rap to go along with the track which is absolutely fine by me but I would have also liked a bit of info about the beats being used. It sounds to me as if this were made for this particular track as opposed to being a pre-bought thing, and that helps enormously to sell the track - at least to me.

I know lots of people are put off instantly by the words hip hop or rap but that's just predjudice and misinformation because - even on Soundclick - there is much to like about some of the music. Although I found Paper Route a bit formulaic in layout, it's still done well enough - especially for one so young - and the production is particularly worthy. What this does is make both the rap and beat much more in your face than a lot of the hip hop you will hear from unsigned sources.

Paper Route has nothing whatsoever with delivering newpapers and much more to do with hip hop's endless fascination with riches and bitches, and there lies the rub. There really aren't that many people on Soundclick motivated by the 'GET MONEY AT ALL COSTS' ethic, and those that are tend to be hip hop/rap artists. So outside of the genre, this will probably not do so well. Having said that hip hop is by far the largest audience on Soundclick and last I looked this track was in the very high reaches of the hip hop chart and that ain't small change. For me though, this track was an introduction to an artist who has plenty of room to grow.

Recommended hip hop.

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