Thursday, May 29, 2008

Azoora - Revelations EP

Hear The Track Here

One of my own personal favourite finds over the past couple of years Azoora have blossomed into an awesome talent in a very, very short period. The band, JB Purcell, Paul Loader, Trudi Lawrance and Ben Cochrane, have scored Must Have after Must Have from me, the last one being for Restless (March 2008), a blinder of a track which is saying something considering I had thought the previous EP (Tall Tales, also free from the 23 seconds Netlabel) so wonderful, they just couldn't do better. Restless showed me that the band had been merely finding their feet because it raised the bar significantly, a beautifully realised peice of pop encased in the most professional of production and arrangement.

Try it and prove me wrong, I dare you!

When I got a copy of the upcoming Revelation EP (officially released on 23 seconds on 5th June) I set aside some time when I could relax, get all inspirational and settle down to some of the best musicians I have ever heard on the net. I've waxed lyrical enough about Restless (check the review) so let's look at the other tracks that make up Revelations. It kicks off with a couple of versions of Restless, both sounding really fine nay even better than ever. Then comes You Capture Me, the first new track to me. One of the biggest problems I am having with this band is doing their work justice through my mere words. To my ears Azoora have a UK pop sensibility and You Capture Me only comfirms my feeling that these are musicians and songwriters of the calibre of Squeeze, Amazing Pumpkins and others.

Both versions display the amazing tightness, nothing wasted arrangement and blend of musical and vocal skills each member brings to the party. I used the Amazing Pumpkins reference because - to my ears - Azoora tap splendidly into this very rich area and by God my ears are the better for it. Be Here is a typical example of how English they sound yet still being so insanely commercial (nay universal) - a mark of how much they stand out from the crowd. As it happens Be Here became my favourite track from the EP within a couple of listens, and it's no surprise because it's exactly what I would expect from this band. Complex, inspirational and a prime example of what unsigned musicians are capable of; world class material. Be Here Goes Into The Deep, brings out a sleeker, sinuous side that slides into your ear canals like aural gold and is the perfect complement. Their last EP was groundbreaking (and free), this EP is ever more so (and still free) and remember where you read it first. Available June 5th remember. Write it down.

The. Real. Deal. Absolute MUST HAVE.


Johan said...

Yeah! One of the best netlabel releases up to this day! A show off in songwriting, production and creativity!

H Johan Lundin

shivahacke said...

Yes, brilliant! Especially "Be here". I dream about it!