Monday, June 23, 2008

Crockmister - A Long Dry Season (Video)

Hear The Track Here

All of us, to a man or a woman, love a nice, flashy bit of kit. OK, well feast your eyes on this. If you have no idea what a Electro-Harmonix 2880 Super Multi-Track Looper is when its at home, don't worry your head about because - with the help of my mate Craig Sofaly - I am going to show you something to make your jaw drop and the drooling to commence. Craig Sofaly being the real name of one of my all time favourite artists, Crockmister. Professional in every respect, Crockmisters music is in a class of its own.

By all means, check out my extravagant boasts...

A Long Dry Season, first of all, is a video; basic in appearance, just the man and his (very nice) guitar. The real fireworks come when he starts to play. He starts off with a percussive muted sound, adds a very cool walking bass figure then starts to jam like there was no tomorrow; creating leads, flourishes and counter rhythms and that's all just to get the track started. For fans of Crockmister (and there are many) it's the songs and vocal sounds that typify his output, one tends to forget that he also makes all the music going on behind those great songs.

The best thing about A Long Dry Season is that you actually get to see him doing all these things and I for one am well impressed. Not least because this is one of his better songs, elevated to ridiculous heights by doing it all in real time and live. An awesome achievement made all the better because Crockmister (bless him) allows you to download the video and play it at your lesuire - for free. As much as his music is highly commercial, Crockmister has always allowed free downloads and that is to his eternal credit because its artists like this that will put unsigned music in its rightful place. If this were the real world, this guy would be a massive star, as it is, here is his live bootleg video.

A unique internet musical voice. Brilliant video. MUST HAVE.

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