Monday, June 16, 2008

Iannai - Scattered Peices

Hear The Track Here

My first encounter with Iannai was a very pleasant experience. After reading that Ian David (for it is he) was a Contemporary Christian artist, I leapt to the usual assumptions before you could say 'holy **** Batman' I might as well not got my panties in a bunch either because Just Enough For Me (May 2008) was indeed just that. A smooth peice of nujazz that showed labelling can be tremendously misleading. Mind you, as good as that track was, it wasn't really something that could float my boats.

Smooth anything brings me out in an unslightly rash.

Scattered Peices is absolutely, 110% right up my street and exactly the right track to show that Iannai has more than a few tricks up his sleeve and this one is a doozy (Ed: I think he means excellent, a one off). Billed as a Electronica: IDM track doesn't really do justice to this track because it is so much more than that. Heavily reminiscent of '80's electropop (in structure and style), this track shows that Iannai knows how to make a song work.

There's a take-it-easy, low key feel to this track despite its insistent rhythms that makes you lean back into the song like a comfy chair - and that was just on the first couple of listens. The more I played it, the more entrancing Scattered Peices became showing signs of being a track that would stand up to repeated plays. Certainly this track has opened my eyes to the possibilties this artist brings to the party and is the best track I've heard so far but after only two, I guess that's not saying much. Whatever, I'm keeping a copy of this one.


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