Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peter Paul Parker - Landslide

Hear The Track Here

Another musician that came to me through my RebelRiffs blog, Peter Paul Parker has set up residence in my house in very short order. The link above will lead you to a site where you can listen and/or download tracks from his latest LP Stepping Up. Aaah, but what would such a rash action get you? Well, some classic rock songwriting for a start and - in my books - that is more than enough to ensure that this artist gets a thorough going over. Listen, anyone who can come up with a chorus progression like this one is welcome any time...

I'm an easy date, I know...

Seems strange to me that a UK musician should base himself at Sonicbids (an almost exclusively US site) rather than one of the very much larger OMDs such as Soundclick or even, God forbid, Myspace. I feel pretty sure that the quality of musicianship on display on Landslide would almost guarantee a larger and more amenable audience. Still, mine is not to reason why, let's look at the music. Acoustic based, rock influenced is how the man explains himself but that says nothing about the warmth and sheer listenability of a track like Landslide. Put it like this, its a track that will surely make you look at the other tracks on offer.

As many of you are aware, I just love a good song, even moreso if it's vocally as rich as musically and Landslide features some beautiful harmony work, all set in a very efficient arrangement that ticks all the right boxes. Can't put me hand on me ticker and swear that this was the 'killer' track from this artist - and I am willing to bet there is one - but it's definitely good enough for me to hang on to for a while. A very professional offering in every way so if you like a bit of class pop rock in your life, get to know Peter Paul Parker.

Highly Recommended, great song, great arrangement.

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