Monday, June 16, 2008

-LMS- - Empire!!

Hear The Track Here

-LMS- (aka Last Man Standing) is a rapper from Miami that you will have come across before, especially if you are corrupting your eyeballs with these reviews. I think I've done - lemme see now - four or five tracks by now and - LMS - topped it all by getting his first Must Have from me with The End Of The World (December 2007). Empire will be the first thing I've heard since that track so its been bigging itself up while waiting for review. 'On the backs of slaves is how they built it...' the man states in the song comments. That sentiment and the accompanying Parental Advisory should give you a klue for the kiddies....

Or not....

I find it ironic that a few years ago another President referred to the USSR as the evil empire and now here are a great many of its own citizens using the very same phrase to describe the state of their own nation. I know better than opening the can of worms labelled US domestic policy but -LMS- more than covers it with this lengthy tirade against the state of the nation. Beats produced this time by Hazardis Soundz, providing a very decent platform for the man to get his chops in and this is an angry and bitter voice he employs to get his points across. Its a voice I think will find many resonances amongst his countrymen and women.

Yeah, but do it f****** rock?

Absolutely. Solid as a brick ****house and with the same flow and organisation I first noticed with The End Of The World in terms of the rap, and an interesting and diverse backing track that plays an active part for a change. All told, it makes yet another solid track from this artist who just gets better with each release; tighter, stronger and with this track, angrier. Based on content, and the fact it is hip hop, I suspect this may be passed on by a lot of people and that would be a shame. This is a track that actually takes a stand and says what it thinks, all you have to do is agree or not and - that's politics. Music? Well, that one is easy.

Highly Recommended, highly topical hip hop.

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