Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mike-K - Down The Street

Hear The Track Here

Way back in the dawn of internet music, as we've discussed many times, making music on the computer was a difficult and time consuming process. After we had weathered ourselves on the tracker (MOD) scene many of started to explore the emerging world of MP3 and programs like Fruity Loops, Rebirth and so on. One of the programs I came across at the time was the infamous Band In A Box, a MIDI program that does exactly what it says. When I was trying it out I found it kind of limiting as all the sounds leaned strongly towards the bland. Sure it could be tweaked somewhat but - for me anyway - everything came out kinda 'samey'. The reason I seem to be writing a software review is because Band In A Box is the base of this new Mike-K track.

Just in case you have lived your entire life off-planet, Mike Kohlgraf (for it is he) is a guitarist/songwriter working out of the USA who I have reviewed n dozen times. He is a Soundclick veteran as well as being one of the most influential figures around through his Flavour Of The Genres stations on Soundclick to his pioneering live web shows(firstly on Songplanet but now on iMusicScene). A man, indeed, of many talents. Mike says that Down The Street is 'just having fun with BIAB!'. and I have to say he makes it sound a great deal better than I was ever able to but his music is from the softer side of the spectrum so I guess it fits. Certainly what comes pouring into your lugholes (Ed: ears, obviously) sounds very decent indeed although the hi-hat sound worried me the more I played this track.

Mike has been on a lead guitar jag for a while and Down The Street is the logical successor to his collab with Christopher Martin Hansen on Guitar Blues (May 2008). When I reviewed that track I moaned that it was inevitable that Mike would suffer in comparison to Chris and I'm glad that Down The Street redresses that impression. Mike is a very good guitarist in his own right and this track shows that off to perfection. It's a kind of countrified rock that allows Mike to pick to his hearts content and very well he does. It's full of light, bubbling lines that tickle your ears. Sure, you should appreciate a straightforward approach and like guitar instrumentals - which I do - but I think Mike should feel proud of this neat little track.

Highly Recommended Southern Rock.

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