Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amadeo - Artist Overview

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Every once in a while I get review requests through my review blog, as is the case with Amadeo, a request I have shamefully late in fulfilling. There again, now that I've had the experience of the man and his music I am never - I mean NEVER - going to be late again. Why? I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable about this music stuff, and I know when I come across quality but this time even that hyperbole escapes me. When I say that Amadeo is a major talent, I am well prepared to stick by my view and defend it at all costs. Not that it makes any difference, when you have friends such as Bob Dylan checking out your music, who needs to know what I - or any other reviewer - think?

There's endorsements, and then there are endorsements. Know what I mean?

Simple fact is that Amadeo is an original, and extremely accomplished musician and a KILLER songwriter and I don't get to say that too many times. Take a listen, if'n ya don't believe me, to Going To Baton Rouge an absolutely spot on (in every way) slice of American musical pie. Ok, better yet, once you have listened to that track (and you will listen, o yes you will), make sure you've left enough room for Pass On Through, a beautiful vocal collaboration with Skyeblu who is indeed 'as beautiful as she is talented'. Amadeo's warm, husky tones sit extremely well with her winsome, sultry and emotional performance. A killer track in every single respect - the level of professionalism is nothing less than jaw dropping.

Pheeewww, **** me have I run out of superlatives yet?

It's easy to do when faced with work of this quality so if you get your lazy butts in gear and get over to his Murdock Mansion (Ed: he means Myspace) you can catch these tracks and a great many more my wits are too shattered to describe. Some of the comments about this guy being 'the next Bob Dylan' jar with me somewhat and does neither artist any favours. I can say that the kind of quality I've always personally associated with Mr Dylan is definitely present in every way, from the calibre of music to the sheer gold of the songwriting and performing skills. Amadeo is a next nothing, he's a one off. A diamond. A treasure. Far and away the best thing I am going to hear this year, that would be a fair bet. Now I suppose I will have to reactivate my own Myspace account so I can download these beauties... (hint hint)


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