Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pidgeman - Gotta Find My Way

Hear The Track Here

First track out of MP3 Unsigned this month is from yer old rock buddy Pidgeman. Regular readers will know the man and his works of course but if ya don't here's a thumbnail sketch. He's a home produced rock musician from Coventry here in the UK and considering that he is a home producer comes up with some very decent tracks indeed. Out of the last five tracks I reviewed, three got a highly recommended from me and that usually means a higher standard of performance and production than most you are likely to find. In fact, Let Go (Free Your Mind) (May 2008) still sits on my hard drive getting the odd workout.

So, on a technical level I don't find much to argue with in what PIdgeman has brought to my ears, but where he hasn't scored has often been down to his vocal abilities. As I mentioned before, Craig (aka Pidgeman) has a passable rock voice and when it fits with a track it works, as Let Go will show you if you give it a listen. The problem I find with this track is that the music and lyrics (courtesy of Dawn Sinclair) is that it is so good, it needs the touch of a killer vocalist - and I think even Pidgeman would agree with me on this. Make no mistake about what I am saying here, this is a killer rock ballad, and nothing else would make it the final (dare I say magical) ingredient.

This, mind you, from a well known hater of rock ballads in general and weepy, I-lost-my-baby-girlfriend-wife-dog rock ballads in particular. I can however, recognise when it's done properly whether on a commercial or indie basis and this track does the business; as I say listen to the power this song contains. It's a very standard, heard it a million times structure which does, in fact, sound quite dated but is saved by the power of the performance and the quality of the song. No matter how hard I tried though, I strained with the vocalist. I don't want to go too far with this because I like what this vocalist does - when it fits. This does, but it shows the strain too - at least to my ears. A killer vocal and this could have been a Must Have and that's a major difference for me.

Highly Recommended nonetheless.

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