Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cam's Even Song - America's Idol

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As one of Soundlcick's most prolific artists, Cam's Even Song, will pretty much have a song that almost all of you would like. After all, there are 202 to choose from and - speaking from experience - I'd say a very good percentage would be very good indeed. In case you have no idea what I am chattering about, Cameron Bastedo is a Soundclick veteran of many talents; reviewing and making music chief amongst them. He has also been a past Artist Of The Year (2006) for this reviewer which should furnish a clue as to how highly I regard this singer/songwriter/producer.

As someone who was deeply immersed in the music of my youth (Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan et al) I am bound to like the easy on the ear, lively sound that Cam's Even Song specialise in. What really seals the deal, however, is the man's unerring ability to churn out a great song. The list of these (and the Must Have's that accompanied them) stretches on and on which makes reviewing more a pleasure and less of a chore. He's got Simon Cowell in his sights this time (who hasn't) in a splenetic attack on the whole 'Idol' experience, an attack it so richly deserves. Mediocrity made by mediocrities and sold to sheep. Baahh, I say. Baaaahhh...

There's only one reality. Ignore it at your peril.

America's Idol shows Cam's pop side, with some lovely progressions, although that chorus with it's high backing vocals took some getting used to. There is a lovely home-made, almost retro feel about the track that - in other hands - I might have misinterpreted as mixing inexperience. However, in this case, I know for a fact that this is exactly how Cam wanted it to sound and - truth is - it actually shows the song off to better advantage. The vocals are clear and concise, well up to this artists usual high standard and the rawness of the backing track wears off after very few plays. I'm sure that America's Idol will take up residence on my hard drive with its many bretheren. There again, I am a confirmed Cam fan of long standing. Cam in full spate. Death to reality television. Yes to life!!

Highly Recommended topical Pop from a Soundclick master.

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