Thursday, June 26, 2008

Avalanche - The Rules Keep Changing

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Or moving the goalposts as we call it in the UK. Whichever one it is, it's a fernerkin major irritant, according to this new track from Soundclick's favourite rock band. Mind you, the main input for the song does seem to come this time from Mike Foster who is not backwards about coming forwards. In other words, he can be well in your face, as many people have found out. Strongly held beliefs is OK though, and so is a strong value system neither of which have - so far - been declared illegal. In light of that I'll do my usual thing of ignoring him when he's wrong and praising him when he's right.

Damn, I'm gonna get it in the neck for that comment!

'As a nation...and as a people...we are largely asleep' Mike opines in his very informative Producer Notes, which should give you a clue to the lyrical content of the track. Unless you have been living on Pluto their music should need no introduction: rock, with a little bit of rock and a whole lot of rock. Actually, I do them a disservice because they do actually cover a wide stretch of rocks endless subgenres. From the opening guitar chords it is obvious that Classic Rock is the name of the game and there aren't many bands around who do it quite like Avalanche.

All the little tricks I have come to expect from this band are on display, the left/right guitars of Foster and Mark Easton, the easy bass of Michael Corsini and the spot on drumming of Barry Easton. All ducks in a row so why then, I ask myself, am I not zapping off the walls? Truth is, I always enjoy Avalanche as a rock experience but I don't always connect to their songs. I think The Rules Keep Changing is probably a bit too Classic, if ya know what I mean. It won't stop me blasting it out to my neighbours - it is an Avalanche track after all - but it still felt more album filler than floor filler.

Recommended Classic Rock from one of the best.

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