Monday, June 16, 2008

Between Worlds - Between Worlds Overture

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I could have sworn I have done a Between Worlds review before but my trusty filing system tells me no, and when it says it in that tone of voice it's a done deal. I've certainly been aware of them, first on the original Project Overseer Productions site and then on Popspace and I know I've heard their music once or twice. This choice is Chris Bishop's pick this month and is a peice of music inspired by Hans Zimmer. Aaah, film music even, taken from the Between Dimensions album...but I don't like film music.

Now there's a familiar whine.

There again, if you think of Between Worlds Overture as a peice of classical music, the nausea does subside somewhat. As you would expect, this is a long (seven minutes plus) track stuffed full of those odd little moments that make tracks like this happen - at least for me. To sustain my concentration, especially when you are being as laid back as some of this track is, you will need to keep throwing new things in the ring and this track does that admirably.

There are inspired sounds and neat production tricks galore, along with the more seriously classical movements all of them rendered wonderfully in a clear, uncomplicated mix. Mind you, it would need to be, the amount of stuff it has to showcase. This is not a track that lends itself to a quick listen, and of course you should have more than a passing interest in the genre, but overall and despite its length Between Worlds Overture never wore out its initial promise and should be a welcome addition to anyone who enjoys a good space opera.

Highly Recommended blend of Ambient and Classical.

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