Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'ms a Meer - Breeat

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I'm surprised that its been a long time between releases (or reviews rather) because the last time I came across I'ms a Meer (don't ask) was with the equally oddly named Untld Mldyactual (February 2007). Not the usual thing with the Experimental electronica crowd. Usually I get inundated by every track they ever wrote and a couple from their mates into the bargain and all heavy, heavy duty WTF WTF. Mind you, Untld Mldyactual wasn't exactly what I personally would call experimental, unless you counted messing around with some things in Fruity Studio and generally misbehaving. I even read the Untld Mldyactual review just in case I was really nasty to them, but no it's quite a tame review considering...

Aaah but I'm older now.....and a LOT crankier :D

From the getgo, Breeat is a lot more structured (and electronic) than its predecessor and has an almost DnB feel about it in places that I think works really well. Great intro too; the kind of thing that will drag you in by your ears before you could blink. While you are still trying to work out the 'copyright infringment' crack you are essentially sandbagged by the track and if you've listened this far (about a minute or so in) then I'll put money that you'll then listen to it through to the end. Even though I don't have a lot of time for what I would consider 'straightforward' electronica, Breeat has lots going for it.

Certainly if you like either breaks, DnB and or electronica in general than you wouldn't be wasting your time with this track and who knows it may well end up soldered to your hard drive. It's fresh sounding enough to win over old curmudgeons like this reviewer and that isn't bad going. It's the little touches that got me though; that intro and another dose of the same (kinda/sorta) as an outro, and all the shucking and jiving of the track itself. Electronica with a point, who'da thunk it?

Recommended Electronica.

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