Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Overseer Productions - A Sol To Remember

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Now, now calm down dear, calm down. Of course I'm not about to start reviewing the entire POP site here, that would be too silly even for me. Noope.... After months of tracks being selected by POP's site guru Chris Bishop, this month we get to turn our sights on the man himself. Project Overseer Productions is what he was known as when I first met him four years years ago, and he scored a whole bunch of hits with me at the time so its curious to see that now he is a media mogul ;), what effect that has had on his music. S'funny, you know. The most influential people in this little scene of ours, are often some of the most overlooked talents too.

Can't imagine why that is...especially in this case.

In the end days of the MOD scene, it was swamped with trackers (as they were called) who specialised in space opera - in effect verbose, overblown, pompous and highly stylised music. It put me off the genre forever so whenever I see a title with a space connotation I get an instant shudder. A Sol To Remember (from the album Red Planet) had an 'oh dear' ring to it long before I applied it to me ears and that shows how deep my loathing is. See, the one thing this particular music has to do - more than anything else - is to convince you of the unimaginable: the reality of space flight. I have yet to hear many examples of this genre that actually worked as intended. Mind you, this is from a pair of ears that first took flight with Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun from the early Pink Floyd.

Stylistically, A Sol To Remember treads the familiar modern path to the stars, there is enough drama, light and shade to satisfy even the most frequent of fliers. See, I'm not sure I really agree with the whole semi-ambient approach to the subject, I will always prefer something more propulsive. A Sol To Remember is, of course, a spotlessly clean and flawless track that flows through the ether and into your mind with consummate ease. A known standard for this excellent musician and - believe me - it's only the genre that's keeping me from giving this one the big nod. A relaxed, yet varied tour of the cosmos in under four minutes, what more could you ask? Naked stewardesses is not an option, ya understand.

Highly Recommended Space electronica.

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