Sunday, June 29, 2008

Charlie A - Metal Gear

Hear The Track Here

Charlie Armour has been a very, very busy boy lately and in fact had two tracks up for review this month. Yeeaahh, right. Even more so when one of them is the detestable Games Soundtrack genre - as if you hadn't guessed already from the title. So, make sure your swash is buckled and phasers set to stun because we are going where a million billion people have been before; cyberspace war without end. Add to that you and your mates can gang up and kill everything you see with absolutely no comeback, testeostrone levels are high gentlemen.

No, I don't get it either.

So never having played the game, it puts me at a disadvantage when listening to this track. Whether Charlie has developed a theme of his own or this is a reworking of something currently in the game, I have no clue and considering its only two minutes long, I'll not fuss much. Considering that I have always felt that Charlie A's technical and musical ability is very good, there is a looseness to this track that was evident immediately.

Mind you, that might also have much to do with the tone and tenor of the track itself. As you would imagine, it stomps along with groundstretching speed, pursued by dits and dashes (Ed: stabs, Gilmore, stabs!) of strings. It isn't as much a musical experience as an atmospheric one. At two minutes it isn't going to stretch anybodys time scale and it is worth a listen - I've heard far worse attempts at the genre.

A personal preference, I think. Taste it and see.

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