Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Kid's Lunch - The Show

Hear The Track Here

FINALLY, after what seems like the longest wait known to man (or Gilmore anyway), I get to polish me ears with a new OKL track. Except it isn't quite as NEW as I would have liked but there again, I am a rabid fan of this band's particular style and output. "Sunday School" songs for grown-ups is how they describe themselves and I'd say that was accurate enough but the 'tendency to the weird' comment struck a much truer note. Fact is this American Christian Rock duo are often side-splittingly funny lyrically and have a serious problem with being serious. Or, in other words, NOT!!!

My kinda folks...

However, once again we find ourselves scraping up back catalog, even though the track has been uploaded lately. The Show is a reworked track and as much as I like to hear OKL, I do wish more for some really new material. (sigh) Still, the first couple of listens to this quite complex little track soon won me over to their side and I'll forgive them yet again. Much more poppy (although in a very complex 10cc-like arrangement) than I expected but lots of plays soon sorted that out.

One of the very best things that One Kid's Lunch bring to the party are some of the sharpest, wittiest lyrics you are likely to hear. Sure, taken one way the meaning could be clearly taken as a Christian message, but - like all OKL songs - there is always an element that would draw in everybody else too. This is definitely a track where reading the lyrics is essential to understanding the whole picture. It's one drawback is it's unfinished quality, but hey to get my hands on new OKL tracks, I'll pretty much put up with anything. You may think differently.

Recommended, thinking mans Pop.

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