Monday, June 16, 2008

MD-1 Project - Latinotekk

Hear The Track Here

Or LaTinoTeKK to be absolutely precise but I'll be ****** before I do all that fiddly caps stuff. For all those people who have no idea what day it is, let alone who or what an MD-1 Project may be, let me cast some light. I have known Ricky Mancini (aka MD-1P and one half of Stella Polaris Project) for a couple of years now and I've mostly enjoyed the experience. There has been a time or two when sandpapering my face with a nice slice of extra-coarse would have been less painful, but the one thing that is true of this artist is that he can often be raw. If you are of a nervous disposition and tend to chew your nails when under stress, best to avoid some of his more extreme stuff otherwise you'll be up to your elbows in no time.

'Hard House Techno... Rocktronica' the man crows in the song comments and I gotta admit he has a point because those are the closest points of reference. Like a lot of MP3 regulars I have noticed how much Ricky Mancini has upped his game since I came across Area 39 (February 2006) and it's all to the good. I think there has been considerable overspill from the Stella Polaris collaboration and that has tended to smooth out some of the rough edges that gave me so much trouble earlier on. Moreover, the increasing sophistication of his slice and dice production is giving his music its own style; for sure, you won't have heard much quite like this.

It's got a weird, off the wall lilt to it that will take some getting used to but the way the elements combine to chuck the track along is a revelation and should be a must listen just for that. Then take into account the Spanish vocal cuts, the distinctly World sound of the percussion and I sure as **** take my hat off. This must have taken forever to stitch together and it's a sign of the increasing confidence and reach of this artist to cover absolutely ALL the bases in one track. Not once, in this interesting, complex track did I feel anything other than a wow factor. Sure it may be a bit strange in structure and style but it sure pumps along nicely enough. Probably the best thing I have heard from this artist yet.

MUST HAVE dance (kinda/sorta)

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