Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pretendo Game Project - Sonic 1:Scrapyard Zone

Hear The Track Here

Don't be looking at me like that. I don't make this stuff up, ya know. If I did maybe I could avoid coming up against a) videogame scorers or b) alternative musicians whose definition pushes several different envelopes of tolerance - usually within the same track. Now, now, don't panic. I'm not going to go into attack mode (at least not yet) because I haven't finished explaining where I find myself. Patrick Lew is a name that may press several alarm bells for you and he is the face behind Pretendo Game Project and Sonic 1 - Scrapyard Zone is a remix of one of the games levels. I have to say that Patrick scores very highly indeed when I view the mountain of my own predjudice he's constructed for me to climb - before I even get to the music. Mind you, I know that Patrick is a brave, brave man and he can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Full marks for that so let's try to ignore the sound of knife sharpening eh?

So, before I tear the gizzards....er..review this track let me state that I am no Sonic fan, even though my own children have made a habit of forcing it on me from time to time so I wouldn't know the original from a lump of cheese. I do like to hear the soundtrack, but only when I am playing the game. From my limited exposure to the game I can see that Patrick (oops) Pretendo Game Project has definitely got the sound and pace of the thing right but it all rings somewhat hollow, almost as if there a peice missing.

Now that may just be my own dislike for chip tunes (which is what this essentially is). Coming from a tracker background I understand the process but have none of the fascination for it that Pretendo Game Project so obviously does (the Soundclick page has lots of these tracks from all different games). So obviously you should like to listen to this kind of track to get anything out of it, and to be fair I did like this within the context; it's tuneful and a mucher tidier aural package than many he has delivered to my ears. What I find myself thinking is that - no matter what we think - the guy sure is industrious and more power to him for that.

Recommended chip tune remix for those with square eyes.

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