Monday, June 23, 2008

Pilesar - Hurry Up and Wait

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I've certainly been at Soundclick for long enough to recognise that life on this site - like many others - goes in cycles; you get busy, creative, interactive periods and you get the doldrums when nothing much is happening. One of the highlights of SC life a couple of years ago was the incredible outpouring of weird and wonderful tracks from a field I had least expected it from: Experimental electronica. Or just plain noise to some people. Names such as Guanoman, drt, mandible were names that struck dread into yer average listener. None more so than the infamous Doctor of Dissonance, weirdly wonderful Pilesar. Granted his work just has to be an acquired taste, but I stand by the claim that he is one of SC's most original artists. Been a dogs age since any new tracks though, so I was pleased to see Hurry Up and Wait slither into the list this month.

If you go to the man's new site you can download pretty much his entire output, collaborations and all and discover whether you get the taste or spit it out. Described beautifully as ' playful, intermittently brilliant nonsense, conjured on a four-track using a bunch of cheap instruments', Pilesar's music is probably some of the most challenging music around - when he doesn't have his tongue firmly wedged in his cheek of course. The one thing not to lose sight of here is that Pilesar is an accomplished, innovative musician - no matter what it actually sounds like, everything is where it should be.

Albeit in a strait-jacket.

As much as I like the weirder side, I also like the Mothers Of Invention/Zappa side of his music which Hurry Up and Wait is an honorable member. Accurately billed as Alternative Country, this is a light, throwaway track that will definitely please the many Pilesar fans, although to be honest it probably won't venture much outside of that and that's a shame. Hurry Up and Wait is a song (gasp) and sounds suspiciously like it was recorded live and added to later because the mix is well into the lo-fi end of affairs. For my money, as a long time Pilesar fan, I liked the relaxed feel of the track and appreciated the wry lyrics and who knows, you may too.

Recommended Alternative Country.

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