Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nuff X - Tell Me Something (feat Jon Partelow)

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If your head is ringing from the name Jon Partelow, let me get you some silence. You may also know him as HELLbus and, lately, of the excellent Can't Stop The Daggers. Better now? Cup of tea? Slippers? (sigh) It's ironic that the last two tracks for the month of June are both from musicians who, IMO, had rocky starts to come out from behind and surprise the beejeebers out of most of us. I refer to The Antennaheadz and Nuff X. Both have forged their own, special sound and both of them are just now hitting their stride. I find that very heartening and I applaud this because they learned quickly, grasshopper.

Ah so...

Nuff X quicker than most realised that if he was to make a dent he would have to experiment and those early tracks paved the way for his unique take on weirdo electronica thingies... Mmmmm. He says he is a 'Breakbeat/IDM/Glitch producer' and that is a good general description but - as always - he is also an artist who will endlessly stretch those boundaries. Take Tell Me Something as a classic example of what to expect from a Nuff X track, except with the added bonus of Jon Partelow on vocals; sounding very gravelly too I might add. Still that is probably coming more from the very industrial sounding backing track.

Nuff's always had a nice touch with IDM, Truth To Be Told (May 2008) is another splendid example of what he does with the genre. Tell Me Something has a dark edge to it that hovers over the beginning like a black crow, giving you a clue what comes next - and it ain't pretty. Damn fine peice of music though and about as different as anything you are likely to hear in the electronica field, beware of its hard egde though it'd damn near chop your head off. The vocals give it an incredible anger, so top marks there too. I'm cowed, believe me, I'm cowed.

Very different blend of industrial, IDM and all points west. Highly Recommended.

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