Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lord Skye - Summer ~ Waves Crash

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Third time round for Lord Skye and the second track from his Four Seasons project. I've already reviewed Spring ~ Sunny Meadow and found it musically intriguing but flabby sounding. Now, it should be noted that I have a marked tendency not to like anthemic, wide screen epics which - to be honest - I thought belonged in the films and games soundtracks they were made for. So as usual, it's best to take my own personal bias into account when reading between the various lines.

One of the problems that has dogged the first two tracks I have heard from this artist is the distinct ordinariness of his samplesets; a major distraction from some decent music. I can't say the problem has disappeared with this instalment of the quartet, but its certainly a lively enough tune. Mind you, there's also an edge of 'look at how clever I am' about it that fair sets my teeth on edge. Still, that's only because I'm as jealous as hell because I can't be a keyboard whiz like the good Lord. It also because of the variety and intricacy of the arrangement, showing a strong taste for jazzy riffs delivered with consummate ease. S'enough to make anyone sick, I tell you.

I found myself liking this track in many ways, but hating it in some others. As usual, it seems unfair to bore you again about the quality of sounds but it is a major factor in anyone's enjoyment. The funny thing is that I kinda like what Lord Skye does musically, and in most cases would rate it much higher than I do - had it been created with a keener eye to a larger aural picture. For me, Lord Skye's music should have the same kind of sound as anything that strives towards the epic... In this day and age of samplers (soft or hard), virtual instruments and effects up the wazoo, such a thing is within anyone's grasp. Musically very efficent, although you would have to like your music with a dash of would be virtuoso attached and a sound that screams 'factory settings' for it to really sink in.

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