Friday, October 20, 2006

Itchy Tasty - One Fine Morning In The Circus

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Chameleons are extraordinary creatures. This what Wikipedia (the oracle-NOT) has to say about them "Chameleons are squamates that belong to one of the best known lizard families. They are known for their ability to change their color, their elongated sticky tongue, and for their eyes which can be moved independently of each other". The reason I mention this incredible fact is because I know a musical version of this creature, who 'changes style with every breath, his tongue is legendary and ALL his eyes move independently - because he is many things to many people'. In this case, should you think you are reading the rantings of a confirmed lunatic, you will not know that behind the Itchy Tasty exterior lies the more mundane face of Soundclick's resident lab rat - Dr Heronymous Pilesar.

Aaahh, now I see that palsied hand.....

So, Pilesar = a) unqualified pleasure b) a strangely textured rash or c) the maddest man (and musician) on the planet? Welp if that were a multi-choice question I would definitely be putting my X next to 1 and 3 which IMHO define the man precisely. Or men maybe because this guy has so many personalities it fair brings on a headache. As always with Pilesar's work, there is a serious musician lurking below the surface of everything and that - for me - has always been the attraction. Admittedly I have been drawn to the weird side a bit late in life but hey I got to hear Pilesar, you know what I mean?.

Take this Itchy Tasty personna for example? What is this guy like? One Fine Morning In The Circus is exactly what you would expect from the title, except with the weirdest 'helter skelter' feel to it. Remember Stephen King movies? The real creepy ones like IT? This would go down well in the soundtrack of one of those. However, as I say, behind this lurks a keen musical mind. Circus is an exercise in economy, nothing is wasted and every note counts. Giving you, the listener, the unedifying task of visualising the bunch of spivs, no hopers, winos and deadbeats who played on this track. Now THAT is going to give me nightmares for years...

Not what it appears to be. Pilesar (genre: experimental mad professor)

Live dangerously, walk on the wild side. Recommended.

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