Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Shed - Almoist A Bad Party

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It's been a dogs age since I last went in The Shed, so I'm gonna deviate from the normal list here for a minute and play catch up with one of my favourite bands this year. Right now I have all four of the tracks from their MP3 Unsigned page nestled away on my hard drive where they have stayed and more than likely take up residence. They've been well quiet though since the furore surrounding their The Parson, The Pauper and The Peeping Toms Daughter (April 2006) track. Obviously a must have then and the only track - so far - I have ever given a perfect 10 to using MP3 Unsigned's marking system. Mind you, Hole Puncher (May 2006) came awful close as does every track I've ever heard from this refreshing band.

It's their consistency, however, that does them proud.

As much as they can, given the roots they come from, they stretch the envelope they work in and make it their own, giving them a highly singular voice in a sea of wannabees. The real deal and no equal. Almoist A Bad Party is a classic example of what the band does best, creating momentous pop tunes with a distinctive natural Irish traditional feel. From the opening mandolins to the almost orgasmic brass arrangement this track oozes quality with each passing note. There are some song you listen to, and move on. Almoist A Bad Party is one of those instantly certifiable guarantee download within the first minute or so. Given that premise, to only see it has gathered 43 downloads is something to give thought too. On one of the larger sites (Soundclick, Myspace,Artist Launch) these guys would be huge.

They can't help it. It's in their genes.

Again, Almoist A Bad Party shows exactly why these are one of THE most exciting finds - for me anyway - of this year. In any other world, this group of people would be world famous already. There is a strain of pop music (The Pogues on one hand, Dexys Midnight Runners on the other) that has always been a fresh and vibrant seam to mine, and The Shed have moved in and made it their own. The quality of the songwriting and vocals shine out like beacons of how it should be done, and the production - as always - is as good as you ever going to hear anywhere. As an example, take a listen to this track and pay attention to the brass arrangement I mentioned. Not only is it a clear, bright sound (as it should be) but it sits so right in the mix it feels like its always been there. If you needed any convincing that independent online music doesn't produce any real, lasting music (or stars), it's time you visited The Shed too.

Brilliantly realised pop music of the highest order. MUST HAVE

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