Saturday, October 21, 2006

Avalanche - Time Is Wasting

Hear The Track Here

Speaking of which, do you ever think you are drowning in a fall of rock? Michael Foster, Michael Corsini, Barry and Mark Easton certainly are, but they are used to it because that's what they do for a living. Rock the joint, and often. I've already written a fair bit about this band on Soundclick, which is really good because they have only just joined this site so now is your chance to catch up. Regular readers will be only too well aware of my rock animal credentials and my liking for this particular bands interpretation of the genre. Classic, guitar based rock is what Avalanche is all about but underlying that is a sharp eye to a songs basics - the hallmark of a performing musician. Have a listen to Excessive (August 2006) which I gave a must have rating to see what I mean.

So, here's another month and I get a choice of two tracks, so which to review? I plumped for Time Is Wasting because - to me - it exemplifies exactly why I rate this band. Big is the key word here. Big fekking drums, big fekkin geetars and a vocalist who knows what the word soul means. Time Is Wasting borders on the clever-clever and on a couple of fronts, and I mean that in a good way. The constant stuttering, chord changing of the guitars of Mark Easton and Mike Foster shows a tightness that can only be achieved by musicians who understand how to play together; all ably pinned to the floor by a classic bass and drum combination.

Time Is Wasting is billed on Avalanche's SC page as being 'Southern flavoured' and by crikey that's a very accurate description. The instant the guitar/hi hat combination hit my ears, I was up to my eyes in homily grits and cattle the size of France. So it stands to reason if you like either Avalanche or Southern Rock, you will gobble this bad boy right up. If you have no idea what I am talking about, think ZZ Top, with a dash of Johnny Winter and Ted Nugent to spice up the works. Rock, red in tooth and claw and in the rudest of health in Avalanche's capable hands.

Excellent Southern Rock from the old school. Highly Recommended.

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