Friday, October 20, 2006

Slippy-T - Raw (Caught Up Mix)

Hear The Track Here

Already mentioned this artist once this month in my review of Conkuss, yet another mate from a few years back who has just re-appeared on the scene. As many of you already know, I have a very soft spot for this vocalist whose highly distinctive style - I've found anyway - people either love or hate. I like what he does and always have and he has consistently given me aural pleasure (Oooo missis!!) throughout the years I've known him. True, his collaborations often outweigh his own work, but here's one of his own, fresh out of the toaster.

So quit yer moaning....

'A sleazy roll of a thing' Slippy chirpily informs us and I have to agree with him. This is so down and dirty I've had forty baths this week. Still, on the brighter side, that's me set up for the next forty years bathwise. One of the reasons I've always been pulled by Slippy's music is that he is never fazed by anything. His music can go into (and come from) some of the most unusual directions but somehow come out a real treat for the ears. With it's dub overtones (killer bass, killer drums) Raw is exactly that and for this happy puppy it's another treat from a treasured national resource.

Hee hee, that'll piss him off.

I've always liked where Rob (aka Slippy) goes musically but - as much as I like his vocal style - I've often found his wilder stretches a tad strained. Luckily that's the only real downside to this excellent - and extremely meaty - broth. So far this week I have played this on four different systems, two houseshakers and two lightweights and it sounds perfectly brutal in all of them. Then I thought I'd give it a go in my Ipod and fekk me if I'm not still recovering from ear blisters, I got this peculiar throbbing in my breastbone that I put down to the 'phantom kick' syndrome after being pelted by this track at full tilt.

Takes No Prisoners. Highly recommended for hard beat nuts.

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