Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rey Varela & Mike-K - Alone In A Box

Hear The Track Here

Regular readers will have driven to the point of insanity in my incessant reference to Mike Kohlgraf (aka Mike-K) and his Songplanet radio show Saturday Night Rocks, which happens - surprisingly enough - every Saturday night. OK you get to share some of the night with the two reprobates in question but you also get to meet a great many of the names you see in SC forums too - as well as having your ears blown off by some of the finest sounds around. Some of you may have noticed Cam's impassioned plea for the same thing to happen on Soundclick, and I can think of no better way of dragging this site forward. Still, back to the Germinator...

Who? WTF??

Over the years I've hung around SC, I have many dealings with these two guys, and reviewed them in their various solo careers or their many collaborations. I have to admit that I don't always like their style but I do do often like individual tracks and both musicians have fared very well by me over the years. Still that was then, and this is now. Muahahahaha (cough, splutter), and here they are all Alone In A Box. You may have noticed that I put Rey first in the billing because although this track is hosted on Mike's SC page, it's actually a Rey Varela song that Mike has added an electric guitar part to. You will find the original song on Rey's SC page here or at least I think it's the original although the do sound extremely similar.

It also hovers dangerously near my 'go-to-sleep' threshold, it being an acoustic chill out peice of some considerable musical charm. As usual, the performance and production are well up to the usual standards I expect from these guys and there's not much I can pick holes in there. Materially though, I personally think the song is a bit weak but that may well be my ambivalence towards the songs style, and not the fault of the song. As a reference it's got a sort of early Pink Floyd acoustic feel about it, especially when the vocals kick in where this reference really comes to the fore. Certainly a nice, pleasant listen and maybe something to kick back to when you are feeling mellow, but to my mind not strong enough to register much beyond an 'oh that's pretty' comment from yours truly.

Mellow Acoustic chillout.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Steve, I missed this some years ago but I wanted you to know that I do appreciate all the hard work and dedication towards the Indie music scene.