Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm Back - Bringing Shit Back

Hear The Track Here

The fact is if I wanted to listen to hardcore rap music one of the last places I would look would be online. Most of the stuff that really appealed to me over the last 10 years or so has come from commercial sources. Let's be frank, most of the rap you hear online is so cloned from current trends none of which has the political and social impact of the originators, kinda makes the whole exercise redundant. If, however, I could find something worthwhile it would have to be pretty special and do several things: have a decent music track that has relevance to the lyrics, said lyrics being about more than riches and bitches and - most important of all - a sense of its own roots.

I'm Back is - as you might have gathered - a hardcore rap artist although you may also know of him through his 810 personna, and here he is bringing shit back. The only question that really matters is how bad will it stink? More to the point isn't shit a bit hard to handle?? Still, in for a penny in for a pound, and I started to play the track. Within the first couple of plays it became obvious that Bringing Shit Back did fulfil at least one of my criteria: paying respect to their roots. In sound, tempo and feel this has Ice-T written all over it, and believe me that's a very, very nice thing indeed. See, I'm a big fan of the Iceman and have followed his career since back in the day.

One of the other (nicer) requirements is more than adequately brought to life to with Bringing Shit Back's chorus, a stick-in-your-mind arrangement that owes just as much to the old skool structures - and the prime reason why early hardcore rap took off. It was incredibly tuneful. Ultimately you can search the online music scene (unsigned variety) from end to end and still not come across that much rap that worthy of the term but surprisingly enough, this track is. Classic hip hop beats and pads, a proficent and well executed rap and a chorus you can sing along to. Yep, puts you right back in the day.

Well done hardcore rap, with a tune to boot. Recommended.

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