Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Divine Turmoil - I Walk In My Own Shadow

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Now the last thing I am going to do in this review is to land myself in the verbal thicket I encountered the last time I tried to describe what Divine Turmoil was about. I still have nightmares about it. So, lets just say that the term 'acoustic' should be the main thing to bear in mind here, no matter what else I say to the contrary. I reviewed Ambivalent Emotions (September 2006) and was most pleasantly surprised to find an acoustic track that I actually quite liked. After all, with the exception of artists like Christopher Martin Hansen, Micheal Silvestri, the acoustic music genre is pretty much beset by aging folkies whose idea of guitar playing is a nice strum.

Mmmmmmm. I'm gonna get a good kicking for that comment.

Having popped my own musical cherry playing acoustic guitar it soon became evident to me that my playing was going to be limited. I can hold up a rhythm effortlessly (and for hours) but all that fluid, fingers like greased lightning was well beyond this sad little puppy. It's a good job then that there are some blindingly good guitar players out there, commercially and unsigned. As far as I am concerned almost any muppet can string two chords together but to really make a guitar emote you have to have a strong sense of what works and what doesn't. Guitar instrumentals are definitely not everyone's cup of tea but a good tune will win anyone over every time, no matter what instrument it's played on.

I Walk In My Own Shadow, like the track that preceeded it is a decent enough example of the genre, although I do hear noticeable fluffs but hey this is difficult music to pull off. Considering this is a four minute track, Divine Turmoil packs a lot into it and like Ambivalent Emotions it sometimes misses. The thing that didn't work for me in that track was some heavier guitar playing, and the same thing occurs in Shadow - except with considerably less of a disjoint. None the less, both tracks have plenty of ideas and are this close (makes motion with fingers) to happening, but it doesn't. What we get - since we don't get blown out of our socks - is a very likeable, interesting and varied guitar peice that is certainly a good listen but I personally feel this artist can do mushc better. Time will tell.

Very varied guitar instrumental that is worth a listen if you like the genre.

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