Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fear 2 Stop - Disheveled

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Talking about learned patterns of behaviour (Ed: which we weren't), Pavlov's famous woofer has nothing on me. For example, whenever I see the this bands name appear in my review lists, I get serious mental problems. Will I be able to cope with the extra stress? Am I in for another seriously long session with the enigma known individually as Billy, Dana (Castillo) and Raymond (Proseus), and collectively as Fear 2 Stop? Believe me, if anyone has been there, I've been there. Seems though that over the two years or so I've known them, this band have pushed and pushed and have become, truly, something like no other.

That can only be a good thing.

I was re-reading some of my earlier (ie a couple of years ago) reviews of F2S and boy were they harsh. Out of all the artists I have ever reviewed, these people tested me most in their search for - as it turns out - their own musical voice. If all that has come my way from this quarter this year then they may well have stepped up to bat in a big way. They have gained a string of recommendeds from me this year, and consistently too, an attribute they have also gained along the way. Oh, don't get me wrong, they are still marvellously mad as hatters (sonically speaking) but they have acquired a muscle and maturity that I'm certain will floor a lot of people who just thought Fear 2 Stop was just a - and I quote - 'musical joke' Well, I'd say this track was the punchline to that comment, and I couldn't think of a better riposte.

Along with all the other massive strides the band have been making is a much more intense, concentrated feel to the way the music is presented. Giving a track like Dishevelment a punch and authority that may well finally break them of that reputation for being difficult to listen to. Dishevelment is a distinct pleasure to listen to and I intend to listen to it a great deal more because its certainly IMHO this bands finest hour. That feeling may well have to do with the personal satisfaction at seeing them 'come good' as it were, and it will have a great deal to do with their increased use of very viable, flowing musical structures. Got to tell you, I love the drums on this... That's my kinda pounding. Weirdest thing of all? This track plasters a great big s***kicking grin on my face, I'd say that was high praise indeed.

Must Have for Fear 2 Stop fans, and a Highly Recommended to all others. Ace track.

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