Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ilias Pantelias - South Border

Hear The Track Here

Although I've come across Ilias Pantelias countless times, on MP3 Unsigned and other sites, I have yet to hear anything from him. Internet life is strange like that. You see a persons posts on forums for months and months (I don't really have time to go 'I'm feeling lucky' clicking) and unless it's a post that interests me, I am not likely to participate. Only so much time in a day and all that. Still, now is the time to put that right. Ilias Pantelias, as you may have gathered, is from Greece so a yassoo from all of us to the Golden Land, and then let's to business...

At this stage of the game, I've pretty much listened to musicians from all over the world - and even a couple that seem to live on other planets. No surprise there then. Most musicians from places whose own musical roots fascinate people like me, seem to have the same fascination with music that makes up our (the western world). Where I like playing with Mediterranean, middle eastern and arabic rhythms and instruments, they like the western line up - guitars, synths, drum tracks. This is also true of Ilias but there any comparisons should end. Considering he's only a sweet (counts on his fingers) 17 (Ed: he's probably got that wrong too) this is a classy, classy track and one I can only praise for it's excellence of production.

Tell ya what, click on the link to the webpage and take a look at this guy. 12 right?? So how the **** can he sound as mature and experienced as some of us old farts who have been doing this since (mumble, mumble). Take three and a quarter minutes out of your life and give your ears a treat by listening to this track because I can almost guarantee you will be ending up downloading it. Although he's using a recognisable sample, I suspect that this is mostly home recorded, and on that basis this is a splendid track. Ilias sings with a slight accent and, for my money, that helps the track to register more because it took a while for the music to work its magic on me. A nice fusion of styles, mostly but what the hey...

Very professional effort, and a real decent song too. Recommended.

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