Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gaz - Silently

Hear The Track Here

Short, sharp and to the point, this is the first time Gaz and I have had any doings. It doesn't look as if he is new to this game though, or to MP3 Unsigned which is where I encountered him. Gaz is a twenty something from the UK who works mostly with rock of the old school variety mentioning The Beatles, The Who, Blur, Bob Dylan, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd as some of his influences. Mine too as it happens with the prime exception of The Moody Blues who - I maintain - should have all been drowned at birth. Now the first assumption I would assume from someone who lists such luminaries as influences is that I am dealing with primarily a songwriter.

And, lo and behold, for the first time I assume correctly.

MP3 Unsigned seem to have a good deal of these singer/songwriters - some of them superb. This also means that people like Gaz have to face some pretty stiff competition so just dragging something together that just works, slapping a bog standard mix on top of it is not going to win any friends. Much less influence the hard hearted MP3 Unsigned audience. To some degree Gaz sidesteps most of the obvious pitfalls of the genre, delivering a mature song that - in certain sections - sounds extremely similar to something the Moody Blues would have done. Overall the production standards being brought to bear are more than worthy of the field and will help - I think - people to latch onto this extremely retro rock track.

I think the bulk of my own particular problems with the track are probably style issues and therefore a matter of personal choice. I did feel that the vocals - as good as they are - could have sounded better (more convincing), especially in the harmony sections. Again I think that's probably down to the limitations of this artists equipment and style rather than anything he is doing wrong. On the contrary, if you like a classic old school rock (think early '70's) then this would fit the bill perfectly. Although I would listen to more of this artist I personally didn't find this as strong or as different as most of its competition and ultimately that counts.

Well done classic rock ballad.

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