Saturday, October 14, 2006

Omnisine - The Bridge

Hear The Track Here

Because we all live everywhere around the world, getting onto my monthly review list is often as much a matter of geographic location as opportunity. Obviously those in Europe and the US fare well, but what about those spread further afield? Although it's open for a full 24 hours, people from Asia and the southern hemisphere often miss it. As is the case with Mumbai based Omnisine, but seeing as he is a big favourite of mine, and he has missed the list for some months running, lets look at something new from this Soundclick electronica stalwart.

The Bridge is part of a electronica compo being run on Soundclick's electronica forums, and despite Omnisine's HUGE explanation about the compo rules, I am still none the wiser. No surprise there then. S'only the music that counts around here anyway, and speaking of which... Turns out each compo section is a minute long and there have so far been 3 entries so it stands to reason that what I hear is actually three parts, as explained by Omnisine. Round 1 track is called The Distant Wisdom (the first minute), round 2 track is The Bridge (second minute) round three track is Between The Darkness And The Light (all the rest). I'm glad I know this because the way Omnisine has sewn the track together I would have assumed it was of a peice.

I'm also not sure if this is the finished article or not or whether there is another bit to add onto it but it sure sounds like it. As usual with Omnisine's work, the production quality is first rate and although I wouldn't really class him as electronica per se, this peice definitely is. It's mixture of class sounds, wide open stereo and musical vision are all hallmarks of this artists work, but it is worth pointing out that there's an even defter feel to this peice than his normal standard. Although there is a fair amount of differentation between the three themes, as I say, they are linked together seamlessly and add up with a track with grace, not a little majesty and some lovely sonic touches. Personally, I would love to hear The Darkness and the Light extended into a tradck in its own right because - to my ears - that is the overwhelming sound I am left with. Compo? Should do extremely well.

Class electronica, Omnisine writ large. Highly Recommended.

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