Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fluidity - Sustainability

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I'm one of those musicians who can't leave things alone. Actually, more pack rat than musician, if you know what I mean. I have gigabytes of stored files, samples, snippets of tunes and general grooves as well as all the files connected with the hundreds of tracks I have released. Seems like John Paul Carroll (aka Fluidity) has much the same nasty habit because here's an older tune of his that he has just put through the re-work process. Personally, I find this process extremely useful, because all the time you are learning new processes. What you made two or three years ago can only be bettered by a remix/rework applying all you learned since you made the original tracks. Give it a go, if you haven't already, you are bound to surprise yourself.

At this stage of the game, me and Fluidity are extremely familiar and I like the guys output and attitude. Mind you, he does happen to press more than a few of my rock buttons, so I have to admit to a certain personal bias. After a raft of enjoyable tracks, its fairly obvious that whatever problems this artist has in making his music (equipment issues, recording equipment) he surmounts them easily enough and about the only thing I have ever found wrong with his tracks do seem like little niggles indeed.

Take Sustainability for example, classic rock song structure, a doomy kinda Black Sabbath back in the day vocal and lyrics that are about the way we've been treating the world and its repercussions. See, all the right buttons. My niggle this time is with that vocal, especially in the rougher, metallic section towards the end. Somehow it just doesn't carry the weight it should. That might have something to do with the way the stereo picture is structured, there's a very distinct left/right image in the first section of the track, which goes stereo into the chorus. I don't know, it throws me and just struck me as odd. On all other fronts this is a splendid track, full of rock bombast and fireworks. Fluidity doing what he does best, rocking out.

Recommended rock.

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