Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cam's Even Song - The Satellite Song

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Cam's Even Song (aka Canadian Cameron Bastedo) hasn't put a foot wrong this year musically and has just had two Must Haves in a row from me: Face the Music (The Ballad of 4 Lepers) (August 2006) and In A Little While (September 2006). Both classic examples of what Cam does best; writes songs with content, style and meaning. Of course it's true that only one of those tracks rightly belongs to Cam's Even Song, the other being a Retrograde Pop track. Retrograde Pop being the ghost of Cam's past, and a very likeable, friendly ghost it is too.

As well as being one of the most visible of forum members, Cam is also well on the way to claiming the most prolific too, with a grand total of 155 songs on his Cam's Even Song page alone. That's not to take into account the equally prolific outputs from alter egos Sonic Salad and the aforementioned Retrograde Pop. People talk to me about where I find the time to do what I do, the same could be said of Cam. How does he fit it all in? While it's true that Cam is an acquired taste (more easily assimilated if you like the rocky side of life), at it's root is a serious, dedicated songwriter and musician with more sides than you could shake a pointy thing at. On that score, the difference between Face the Music and The Satellite Song is remarkable. Where the former is all heavy duty Dylan inspired country light, the latter is a blast of late 1960's pop/rock whimsy.

Huh? Whaddd dat??

One of the better delights of Cam tracks are the lyrics and I love to read while I work, if you know what I mean. To my mind, Cam is one of the finer songwriters on Soundclick, his music is simple, effective and to the point. The recent steps forward (over the last year or so) in production values is laudable but it would all fall flat on its face without the Captain's steady hand on the tiller. Not too little, not too much. It's that absolute variance in styles that really claimed me as a Cam fan, he is a man of many faces, all of them eminently listenable whatever your musical persuasion. The Satellite Song is a bit short (2:46) and considering it's tone I think it's wise length. It's sheer blast of bonhomie is more than enough for a couple of minutes, and more and you might to feel a bit seasick. As I've already said, there's a great '60's rock feel about this track with a hard punching, right-up-to-the-minute mix. At this stage of the game, Cam's Even Song have delivered 4 keepers for me this year, and I can't praise an artist any higher than that.

Class act, in a silly mood. Highly Recommended.

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