Saturday, October 21, 2006

Magnu - Mechaniq

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I seem to be surrounded all of a sudden by people who I first met years ago, many of who have turned up in the past few weeks. All to the good of course because, as I never tire of mentioning, the internet can be a great place to find real friends and it's nice to see some of them around again. None more so than one of my all time favourites from 'back in the day' - Magnu. The list of must have tracks this artist has had from me is endless. Over the 3 years or so that I have known him he has shown a remarkable consistency in his work, marking him out as different from the norm. Although I reviewed him on another site, the first Soundclick review I can find is of the magnificent Something Wicked This Way Comes (November 2003), but there are 50 of his tracks on the page so plenty to go round.

This is a remake of an earlier track (also on the page) but it has changed so significantly that it really should be taken as complete structural improvement. There is a much improved flow in this new version and a distinctly alluring blend of rock, out and out electronica and stereo trickery. All of which adds up to what I have come to expect from this artist; a slick, polished sound that helps this track to slide down your earholes as easily as the pint you necked earlier. People who aware of Magnu will already be aware of these new tracks and have probably downloaded the lot for leisurely digestion - which is absolutely the only way to take this artist.

There is a level of detail in all of this artists tracks that - for my money - marks him out as being a little special. He's always packed his track to the rafters with nifty tricks, extranous noises and counter melodies, so half the time is spent playing spot the element. In the song comments it states that 'this is the sound of Magnu' and you know what, I agree with that. The Magnu I knew back then is represented by the electronica spice this track is imbued with, being topped by the newer, guitar playing Magnu that shows just what he can bring to the party. Along with his power tools of course, which this track seems to have an abundance of ;)

Great blend of electronica and rock. Highly Recommended.

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