Sunday, October 22, 2006

Alchemystic - Lounge Life

Hear The Track Here

I wish I had a large denomination banknote for all the times I have seen people online say 'I'm going to give this (releasing music and being active on the internet) up and get on my my real life'. Had that happened I would now be living the life to which I would love to become accustomed to. Sadly, life has a habit of being all to real, and that usually means being poor. So, here I sit, in my sackcloth and ashes contemplating the doings of such individuals (Alchemystic is obviously the victim here). I can well understand the feeling because when I first came online it was hard; reviews were often stingingly effective and putdowns common. Still and all, I have to smile when I see them come trundling back having learned the lesson that this is real life too...

Except for your eyes only, as it were.

Speaking of ears (Ed: which you weren't...), what's even more puzzling about this whole scenario is that Alchemystic is GOOD at what he does. Anyfekkinhow, I am glad to see that ol' Alky seems to have only caught a mild does of it, since I have reviewed at least two new tracks since he uttered that immortal statement. Lounge Life being the second. Even the most cursory listen to a track with the feel and quality of Lounge Life will shown anyone with any musical brains that here is an artist worth nurturing. Jazzy, Alchemystic says in the song comments, and he's not wrong there.

Ahhh but it's been Alchemysticallised.... (Ed: groans)

Starting out sounding like some track out of an obscure 1960's film, Lounge Life soon stamps itself into your brain forever, it's even got a bassline I wish I'd written. One thing I have always liked about this artists work ever since the beginning has been his production values and this track employs every trick in the book to deliver a killer mix that is so wide open its scary. That airy feeling helps to propel this blend of 60's rock and jazzy overtones into a track that really convinces from the first listen - another hallmark of this musician. Add to all that, a keen sense of which sound should convey what, and it all adds up to a special listening experience.

A fine blend. Highly Recommended.

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