Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Words - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Hear The Track Here

Wotz wordz? Well hold on to your hat because we are about to find through new MP3 Unsigned artists, The Words. They have been creating a frair old stir on that site so it's nice to get a chance to see whether it's all worth it. The Words appear to be a live, gigging band - which is unusual in this world of bedroom studios. It's not unusual that they happen to be from Manchester, a prime UK centre for music of the better variety. So, all in all, before you even start the track, this band SHOULD have a lot going for them; experience and musical nous. If there is one thing that gigging does teach you, it's the ability to push the boundaries of what you do AND get instant feedback on it.

Which then, of course, can turn to shit in a millisecond ;)

But hey, anyone who lists the immortal Love as a musical influence just hit my play button so let the music roll. It's almost impossible to separate the music from the city so the first rush of plays will instantly give the last 20 years of Mancunian rock, showering you with references from Echo and The Bunnymen to Stone Roses and out through Happy Mondays and the incomparable Buzzcocks. Like all of those artists, The Words specialise in rock based songwriting - and of a high order too. Of course you may be the only person in the world who can't stand these kinds of bands because you struggle to get past the bloated corpse of Oasis, but that is to do the whole Manchester scene a great disservice.

Yeah, yeah, yak yak... But wot about The Woidz??

Once I got past the endless musical references, the tune itself begun to impinge on my brain. Truth to tell - as much as they share a similar musical root - The Words have more in common with bands like the Buzzcocks than Oasis. To my ears a much sharper edge than Oasis could must in a month of Sundays. So if you like that whole northern rock thingie, you may very well like this band a lot and Too Much, Too Little Too Late is an excellent place to start and I've already made the introductions so off you go. As much as I enjoyed the track, it isn't the absolute floor-wiper I feel this band have hanging around somewhere and you can bet your life I am going to start looking for it. A welcome introduction to a band that fulfills all my main food groups.

Excellent UK Indie. Recommended.

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