Saturday, October 07, 2006

Onager - Embers - Rekindled

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Yet another collaboration featuring the enigmatic singer Essence, this time with a vocal borrowed from the Viral Essences collaboration, aided by an old MP3 Unsigned face Contayjen - who you may remember as Virus. Confused?? Fuck yeah. Still, seeing as that counts as normal anyway, I'll get on. I first came across this vocalist in yet another collaboration - this time with Redshirt Theory - last month and can definitely see why she gets around so much. Voice of an angel mateys, and no mistake. Yes, men in old macs, it IS also good that she looks like an angel too...


Onager (to drag this review back from the gutter) continues to impress with his very nicely produced sounds, and Embers - Rekindled shows that quality from note one. OK, one more thing about Essence and then I'll concentrate on the music.... Her vocal style lends itself so well to every track I have heard with her on, and that's a pretty diverse bunch, but it fits like a glove on this excellent, broody little jobbie. As good a job as Essence does, for me the real star here is Onager's reworking of this track and shows that the Highly Recommended I gave him last month is no flash in the pan. Matter of fact, I have spent just over a year now listening to this artist and noticed his increase in knowledge, and it's subsequent deepening of his musical style is a distinct pleasure to listen to.

Ally that with a brutal (as in all encompassing, in the nicest possible way) mix and I absolutely garantee that this track is gonna have you pooping them old panties... I've just spent some time hanging out in the Realworld site, listening to Shock The Monkey remixes for another review done at the same time as this one, and I am floored by how much of a comparison I can make between this track and some of the best tracks heard on that site IMHO. Just on the music alone, I would have loved this track; it's reach and it's endlessly fascinating flow alone would have done the trick and gained Onager yet another HR rating. However, the combination of a killer musical track with a killer vocalist puts this way over the top, and lightyears ahead of the competition. Congratulations to all concerned, this is a beautifully realised, effective track that is deserving of endless praise and a definite keeper for this reviewer.

MUST HAVE. Fekkin awesome, I tell 'ee...

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