Saturday, October 28, 2006

Herult Hennreg - Home (431verSTAERKER Remix)

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To the casual reader of these reviews, should there be one, it may seem like I am a musical gadfly, spewing highly recommended's and must have's hither and yon. While it's arguably true that there are literally thousands of good musicians (and hundreds of great musicians), surely there can't be that much? And indeed there can't. I consider myself fairly strict at what gets recommended by me, and nowhere more so than in the must have department. Although I've reviewed hundreds of tracks already this years, I only have a few must haves - on average say one or twice a month. The reason I am yammering on like this is because Herult Hennereg managed to score such a must have rating for Journeyman (September 2006) and here he is again to see if he can get two in a row...

Abolutely the very first thing I like for in a track is aural fidelity and that is something that Herult supplies in spades. Cleaner, more powerful tracks would be a hard thing to find. Even harder would be to find the breadth of musical knowledge to construct a track like Home which, if I had my pigeon-holer, should be rightly termed electronica: prog rock - because as weird as it sounds, it sounds a treat. Most of that must be put down to the mix which is damn near perfect as far as I can tell and I can really appreciate the depth of work the artist put into this aspect of the production.

Even if it were recorded in a wooly sack, the strength of Home would have come across but encased in such a mix, it is breathtaking. Herult Hennereg established some pretty heavy credentials with Journeyman, and Home is likely to add much to that reputation. Where I think it may suffer - from a listeners prepective - is in the material which I love, but there are some who certainly wouldn't. I agree with you that they would be completely mad to pass up such a splendid aural treat, but some people are ornery like that, ya know? For me, and I suspect, any lover of great music played with unnerving skill in both performance and production, Herult is now firmly in our gaze. I so want to give this a must have rating because of how good it sounds, but I'll err on the side of caution because of the style...

Highly Recommended Must Have (curse that typo) :D

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