Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Burp - Lily's Chicken

Hear The Track Here

Way back in the mists of time when I was establishing myself on Soundclick I came across an artist by the name of Emetrics, who made music that delighted, surprised and confused in equal measure. Shortly Emetrics morphed into the Burp we see before us, a Munich, Germany based electronica artist the like of which I guarantee you will not have heard before. Whenever I feel the need for a good stereo workout (think of it as an aural ear-syringing) I will undoubtedly reach for a Burp track - in whatever guise he happens to be in. The quality of his productions over the years should be an example to anyone just starting off making their own music.

First rule, sound different.

NOBODY - and I mean nobody sounds like Burp, never has done and never will. I've never been able to put my finger exactly on what makes Burp's stuff work where others flounder incapably, and I suspect that is one of his biggest attractions for me. I am now of the opinion that whatever mode he is in (he's in Aceeeed mode on this one apparently) he is always in rhythmic mode. Yep, after years and years of Burp buffetting I finally work out that's he's just a rhythm hound. Being one of those myself, it was sure as sh... Err anything that I was going to take to his music. Lily's Chicken, btw, is exactly what you would expect from this aural showman - a thing of light, giddiness and speed.

Although he comes close once in a while, I have never known Burp to be out and out commercial and yet somehow tracks like Lily's Chicken get picked up on by all kinds of musical preferences. Especially when you consider his musical style is well on the far side of completely barmy. Stuff that keeps making you think 'this couldn't possibly be working' and yet still manages to freeze you before it's awesome ability to work, and wonderfully well too. I hear some lovely didgeridoo and flute sounds in this that make top billing for me, Burp does world music even. However, it's also the final impression the track leaves you in that really seals the deal. The smile on your face does the business.

Not chicken. Red meat. Chew, chew. Swallow, swallow. Burp. Gourmet diet.

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