Friday, October 20, 2006

Rude Corps - You Never Can Tell

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God knows what it is with this artist but if he was a rabbit I would have to conclude that he had been at it. You know, doing what rabbits do. See, the last time I reviewed one of his tracks (Cosmetics Part Two, August 2006) I happened to mention that he had some 152 tracks on his page and the boggle factor was enormous. Damn me if I haven't just gone back there and discovered that this enormous (nay prodigious) pile had grown to 173 tracks!! Oi, Rude Corps!! Noooooooooooooo...

We want them (points at the audience) to think this stuff is hard, don't we?

Absolutely fekkin not would be my answer too, making music IS easy to do especially now. Making good music, however, takes all the usual time, trouble and strife. Rude Corps is joined on this track by Midge McKay] who supplied the excellent lyrics and (I believe) took on the vocal performance too. Certainly the guy on the phone (in the track) is Glaswegian to a tee, and I think I detect a Scots burr in the vocal. If that is the case, take a bow because this is a great vocal; lovely tone, delivery lazy but timely. All in all, a very decent track by anybody standards and well worthy of a quick listen.

Ahhh, but does it have any legs?

I've been giving this earspace for the best part of a week now and it's grown on me considerably, and there are probably a couple of reasons for that. The first is the talent of both musicians, You Can Never Tell is an absolutely terrific track, full of little details and a tune that carries itself like a thoroughbred. Top marks then to Rude Corps for the musical side of the deal and that brings me to reason two for liking this track. What RC has contrived here is a faultless rendering of music I hold very dear to my heart. Bands like Simple Minds, Big Country, and other such guitar legends. Closest to my heart is a prediliction for Lloyd Cole (and the Commotions) and that is what I am most strongly reminded of here, not because Midge sounds like him but because of the textural detail of the music. With Midge's classic vocal on top of this, it makes me truly appreciate Scots musical history; the kind of track that sends shivers down your spine.

Excellent. Highly Recommended.

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